Donations for animals go a long way to create joy


Jasmyne Murphy , Staff writer

Pet owners know that their animals will brighten their day when they come home from a long day at school. They are always there to make them happy and cheer them up. Those who own pets tend to spoil them day after day with treats and toys, but not all pets are so lucky.

The Junior / Senior AVID class wanted to brighten the day of some potential pets, those who are currently at the SPCA (Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals) and other local shelters. They are hosting a drive to collect treats and toys for animals waiting for their special “furever” homes.

From January 31- February 18, they will have bins available in E-2, E-8, AG-5, T-2, the Counseling Office and the Library. Students and staff are encouraged to bring in bags of treats or food, toys, blankets, anything that will help make a cat or dog happy as they wait for their new owners. Donors can even bring in pet beds to share with the animals.

The idea started in the fall when Ms. Karen Lockhart started talking about creating this drive with her AVID students. A dog owner herself, she said that this event makes her feel like a proud mom, working to make other potential pets happy.

On February 20, National Love Your Pet Day, the AVID students will deliver the gifts to the shelter. “Animals are agreeable friends,” said Ms. Tisha Donnelly. “The better I get to know me, the better I get to love dogs.” This event will benefit those dogs – and cats – who are looking for a new home. Who knows, maybe it will be yours!

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