At work and on the way to independence

At work and on the way to independence

Alina Math, Classes & Clubs editor

Wouldn’t it just be amazing to work close to school? Job Cohen has just that kind of luck.

Cohen is currently an Armijo senior who works down the street at Monsoon Burger. He was hired on November 4 to do serve as a busboy and do general cleaning. When he’s at work, some of the things he does are wipe tables, sweep the floor, and clean windows.

Cohen works every Monday for an hour and he said that it is nice to get a paycheck. “The staff is nice,” said Cohen. “I like it there.” He would recommend the job to other teens looking for one.

As a special needs student, Cohen’s employment is pretty impressive. A goal he has involving his job is to walk alone to work. As of right now, he walks to work with one of his teachers, but he thinks that, in the near future, he will be walking to work alone. “I’m getting there, some time soon,” he said.

Cohen is a very cheerful, positive person and his smile is a welcome addition to the Monsoon Burger staff.

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