Editor Spotlight – School News Editor  

Editor Spotlight - School News Editor   

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Melissa Theodorus, School News Editor

Hi, my name is Melissa Theodorus. I am your 2019-2020 School News Editor! Currently, I am a sophomore in the Pre-International Baccalaureate Program. This is my second year writing for The Signal, last year I was a staff writer.

In 2018, as an incoming freshman, I was worried about my first day of high school. Doing my research, I came upon The Armijo Signal and learned more about Armijo and its students. I was fascinated by all these student-written stories that got me excited for my freshman year. I kept thinking about how this would be the perfect opportunity to explore and try out something new in high school. This was also a great way for me to practice writing.

I believe writing is one of the most important skills. Although I’ve never taken a Journalism class, I started out by picking up stories to write. I really like going out of my comfort zone and to interview people and write about them.

Little did I know that, a year later, I would be chosen for one of the editors. It is an honor to be trusted with such responsibility. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I submit a new story onto the website to be published for everyone to read.

I applied to be the School News Editor because I liked picking up stories about events around Armijo. During my freshman year at Armijo, I’d noticed that a lot of people don’t know about the school’s events, and what better way to get the word out than through the school newspaper? My goal as School News Editor is to make students more aware of the school’s events and any other important information pertaining to them.

Other than being part of the school paper and always studying, I’m also part of a few clubs around campus, including Key Club, Robotics, National Honor Society, and College & Career Club. I play for both the Tennis and Badminton teams and hope to continue for the rest of my time in high school. For the past two summers, I’ve been volunteering at my local library, and I volunteer at the hospital every weekend. I love going to the movies with my friends and all in all hanging out together.

In the time I have left at Armijo, I hope to write and publish stories that also spark interests in future Armijo freshmen.

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