Emmett takes his leadership skills onto the field


Joel Bejarano Alanis (2019)

Emmett feels at home playing any position on the field, even leadership.

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment Editor

Armijo senior Emmett Espino loves the sport of football. Not only has he played it throughout high school, but he has also spent this season officiating youth football.
This is Espino’s first year in this position, and possibly his only year, but it is a job that he enjoys. A friend told him about the position and, since he loves the sport so much, he decided to encourage others to join in on the fun. “When I first started, it was pretty hard because all the coaches did was yell a lot, but now I’m pretty used to it so it’s easy,” he said.
There are pros and cons to doing this sort of service. On the positive side, he loves how fun it is to see young athletes playing the game and discovering their love for the sport. “One of the cons, though, is having your day seem very long,” Espino said.

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