Pass the turkey, or pass on the turkey? What would you say?


Image by Nicholas Lapierre from Pixabay

While the media and tradition say "turkey," Armijo students say otherwise.

Morgan Irwin, Staff writer

Turkey on Thanksgiving, Serena Jacinto says, “is dry and is the equivalent of sandpaper.”

Fifty Armijo students were interviewed about their main dish choice for Thanksgiving. 74% opted for ham as an alternative while only 16% chose turkey. 10% of those interviewed selected fast food restaurants as their go-to destination.

While people generally picked traditional foods as their primary choice, some other foods mentioned included:

Tamales, a Mexican food that consist of a typically meat filling, wrapped is masa.

Sinigang, a Filipino dish, a sour and savory soup, and

Pozole, a Mexican stew or soup, usually made from pork and hominy, along with a few other ingredients.

Sides mentioned were pretty traditional as students said mashed potatoes, beans, and rolls.

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