Siblings: The power of the Powells

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment editor

Three students at Armijo share one set of parents, but only this year. Isaac and Isaiah Powell are only one year apart, but their younger sister Faith has brought the family together at Armijo.

People who are looking for one of the Powell siblings might find them in E-2, a class that they are in and out of after lunch. Faith and Isaac share the ROTC room during 5th period, but Isaiah and Isaac are both in there during 6 th period. “It can be pretty annoying sometimes, but fun at the same time” said Isaac.

The brothers have an interest in football, which helps them to bond. “The only thing I can think of us having in common is playing football,” said Isaac. “We sometimes hang out during school, but not often,” said Faith.

Isaac, Faith, and Isaiah agree that their relationship as siblings is fun and that they all just love each other. As long as they are sharing the campus, they are making the most of it, but that ends in June when Isaac will graduate.

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