Quoth the Ravens

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Raven Smith says that her mother named her after a character from a television show. Raven Magana’s first name was something that her grandmother saw in a movie. While media has influenced both the girls through their name, they run in different circles.

Magana has not met Smith, but Smith did say that she’s known other people who share her first name and Raven is a name that is “okay to me,” she said. If she could change her name, though, Magana said that she’d like to have the first name Adelaida “because it was my Nana’s name and I like it.”

Smith has one cousin who used to attend Armijo and another who still does. Magana has a relative who used to attend Armijo, her uncle.

Both girls plan to go to college in the future. Smith wants to study nursing at UC Davis and get a house and a job, while Magana wants to go to college in San Jose. “I don’t know what to study,” she said.

Magana is involved in Key Club and Smith likes to play sports. As far as musical preferences, while Magana likes to listen to jazz, Smith said, “I don’t know. I like it all!”





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