Siblings: These Brothers Are Like Armijo Bookends

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  • Jose Carbajal Fernandez

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

  • Victor Carbajal Fernandez

    Joel Bejarano Alanis

Sometimes, sharing the campus with a sibling after having it all to yourself is just an inconvenience. When Jose Carbajal Fernandez started his senior year, his little brother Victor was first stepping onto Armijo’s grounds as a freshman.

Because they are so far apart in age, it hasn’t been that much of a problem. Victor admits that most people don’t know that they are related and they don’t share any classes or any teachers. And because of the age difference, they don’t generally hang out together on or off campus.

Jose is getting ready to graduate in June but, for Victor, the high school journey is just starting. “I still don’t know what I plan on doing,” he said. What he does know he will be doing in the next few years, however, is play video games. It is one of his favorite hobbies.

Victor is the youngest of four children and he is used to being independent from his older siblings. While Jose is only 17, their sister is in her early 20s and their eldest brother is 29.

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