ROTC Looks Back and Forward in February

TSgt. Kehaulani Patenio, Public Affairs Officer

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February has begun, and the year progresses. Speaking of progress, our progress
reports will be due on February 22. I hope everyone can bring their grades up before
that date. Also, please remember: progress reports and report cards will not be printed
and sent out through the mail. Instead, they’ll all be available online on the app or
Aeries website.

Back to ROTC events. On January16, we had our unit evaluation. This is when an
evaluator visits from the AFJROTC headquarters at Maxell AFB in Montgomery,
Alabama, and looks into every aspect of our ROTC program. This evaluation occurs
once every three years, and we are pleased to have passed it with no major issues. In
fact, our cadets and senior staff were given a rating of “exceeds standards” – equivalent
to an A+!!

During the month of February, ROTC had three key events scheduled:
The first of the three events was a Dodge Ball Tournament. ROTC participated in a
dodge ball tournament on February 2 and competed against ten other ROTC units in
Northern California. The tournament took place on Travis Air Force Base (TAFB). Our
team did great! In fact, four of our cadets (Daylen Denweed, Ethan Nemeth, Michael
Villanueva, and Michael Thompson) were on the team that came in second overall!
Also on February 2, we helped serve at the Armijo Super Band Crab and Tri-Tip Feed
which was held at the Fairfield Community Center from 4 pm to 10 pm.  Dinner was
served at 5 pm.

Last, but definitely not least, our annual Military Ball is scheduled for February 16, the
same week of Valentine’s Day. This year’s theme is “A Night to Remember” with a color
scheme of burgundy and gold. The young men will wear their service coats, and the
girls may wear a dress or their service dress uniform if they desire.

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