Club Focus: College and Career Club

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Club Focus: College and Career Club

Royce Guo, School News / Co-Editor-in-Chief

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“College and Career Club is the best place to be for students exploring higher education and future careers,” said Victoria Lawson, College and Career Club president. The mission of College and Career Club is to prepare students on the college application process and to inform students on available career options.

During meetings, more than 45 members receive presentations from college representatives and career speakers, take field trips to colleges such as Sonoma State University and UC Santa Cruz, and learn about how to pay for college. In addition, the club highlights new scholarships and colleges every week.

In their most recent field trip, the club visited Sonoma State University. Lawson said, “Seeing our club members visit the campus was very encouraging. It allowed for me to gain a completely new perspective on the atmosphere of the university.”

During the field trip, the club followed student tour guides and learned about Sonoma State University’s resources and application process. Member Elijah Ibrahim said, “We got to explore by ourselves and my favorite part was seeing the dorms. It was important for me to see the campus in person.”

Taylor Villanueva said, “College and Career Club has prepared me for scholarships and deadlines.” In addition to providing field trips, students are also given the opportunity to hear from college representatives from across the state.

This year, college representatives from UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and University of Southern California have presented to the club. In the future, the club plans to tour Stanford University and the University of the Pacific in early 2019. “Higher education, job opportunities, and scholarships,” said Lawson, “each of these form the backbone of higher mobility. College and Career Club gives students the opportunities not only to dream about their future, but to accomplish their every goal”

College and Career Club meets at Fridays in room A-3 during lunch. Interested students can sign up to receive more information through Remind at @CCCAHS.

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