Music and Mood

Kayla Reynolds, Co-Editor in Chief, People Editor

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You turn on the radio and hear one of your favorite songs. At the time, you don’t realize how much the words and beat in the song affect your mood. There are so many different types of music genres: classical, jazz, pop, rap, country, etc.

No matter what kind of music people listen to, it significantly affects our mood. For example, music has been shown to bring us feelings of comfort and stress-relief or perhaps even anger. In fact, listening to classical music during study time has been shown to improve test scores. Music can also be therapeutic to those who struggle with depression and special needs.

Music artists express their emotions through the music they create. The lyrics are relatable to others. Whether you connect with country or rap music, the style can be used to capture what your internal feelings are and unite with others who feel the same.

Explore the different genres of music- you never know what you may find to love!

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