Class of 2022 Welcomes its New Secretary

Geetu planned to take a position that could teach her more without being in the limelight.

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Geetu planned to take a position that could teach her more without being in the limelight.

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The Freshman class has its officers, and Geetu Kharbanda is proud to be the secretary for the Class of 2022. “I chose to be in student government because I wanted to be a part of making Armijo improve in things,” she said. “I started student government last year by being a committee head in middle school and wanted to carry that to high school.

Kharbanda made a bunch of poster so that the leaderships would be aware of her intentions. “I also made sure that my speech contained aspects that I could actually complete,” she said.

As secretary, Kharbanda will be keeping track of the class meetings and fill others in to know what they missed. She was interested in this particular position because it was not necessarily the main position but would still give her experience in leadership. She said that, if she had the power, she would like to change the number of freshman who speak up. They don’t always get a chance to talk, she explained, because the upperclassmen seem to dominate.

Even though she’s only a freshman, she has her sights set on the future and hopes to participate in leadership in college as well. She would encourage others to get involved in high school, too. “Just do it,” she said. “I know you feel like you are not going to win because you aren’t popular enough. All you need is a plan and a passion and get the word out!”

In addition to being part of student government, Kharbanda is also interested in dancing and acting. While those hobbies make her happy, her career aspirations are more serious. “What I want to be when I grow up is a police officer,” she said. To get there, she plans to go to college and study criminal justice.

Kharbanda has an older sister, Divya, who is her role model. “I look at all the things she is going through and I get the motivation to push through,” she said. She also has a younger brother, Denesh.

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