Freshmen select new officers for 2018-2019

Melissa Theodoras

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Candidates for Freshman Class Officers were waiting for final results.

Freshman elections began on Tuesday, September 17. Seven members of the Class of 2022 had picked up an application over the first weeks of September and followed the steps to make it on the ballot: Jeneva Amey, Jaydin Borromeo, Juliana Delmendo, Caroline Kelleher, Geetu Kharbanda, Teedadly Tarlesson, and Gabriel Wahid.

Everyone who was running had to make a campaign video and poster to share with the leadership class. Their campaign posters were hung up on the gym wall. During zero period Leadership, they played everyone’s campaign videos. The candidates also had to have Leadership teacher Mr. Brad Burzynski interview them.

They were also required to present a speech in front of the freshman leadership class.

After the speeches, the audience was allowed to ask questions. They were mostly asked to specify what they said during their speeches. On Thursday, September 20, the freshman leadership class voted. The score from each of the events were added together and the students with the highest scores would earn one of the four available positions.  Toward the end of the day on Friday, September 2, the results were given out.

Max Sheen said, “The leadership election was quite interesting and the speeches were great. There were many people running, but it got really confusing since you really don’t know which position they are running for. Overall the election was a wonderful experience in high school.”

“I think that the elections were fair and also went really well,” said Alliyah Abique. “Everyone’s speeches and campaign videos were well put and overall it was good…All of the campaign videos were all really good. They were all made without the intention of trash talking anyone else. The videos put a smile on everyone’s faces.” Abique actually contributed to helping the candidates make their videos. “Even though the videos were made to get a position, some of the candidates helped other candidates with their videos when they needed help.”

The Freshman Class Officers are: President Juliana Delmendo, Vice President Teedadly Tarlesson, Secretary Geetu Kharbanda, and Treasurer Gabriel Wahid.

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