Class of 2022 Elections

Rajveer Sahota, Classes & Clubs Editor

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Students in the Class of 2022 started considering their options for class office on September 5 when applications for Freshman Officers were made available for students. The candidates were expected to fill out an application and schedule a meeting with Leadership adviser Mr. Brad Burzynski by the September 14 deadline. The potential candidates were expected to have questions they wanted answered and to be clear on their first choice of which office they would prefer.


The future student officers would not be advertising to the entire school, but they were expected to have a poster available for viewing by Leadership students on September 14. “You will get some practice for 10th, 11th, 12th and ASB officer elections by making one amazing poster to show off for the week in Leadership during elections. Your poster can be humorous, inspirational or just cute and creative,” Mr. Burzynski wrote in the packet that was made available to the interested students. A campaign video was expected to be prepared for presentation the following day, also something that would only be shared with Leadership students.

On September 19, students who have met the requirements will be giving a speech during zero period. Votes will be cast as well this day.

The election will be scored in four categories:

  1.      Speech and Question and Answer/Session during leadership* (30%)
  2.      Leadership Vote [Electoral Vote] (30%)
  3.      Campaign Poster/Video (10%)
  4.      Mr. B Interview (20%)

Winners should be announced by Friday, September 21.


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