Senior awards recognize excellence


Royal pride was reflected in all of the honorees.

On Wednesday, May 24, Armijo High School celebrated its annual Senior Awards Night, a night where seniors were given recognition for their hard work the past four years. I was honored to be one of the seniors to be invited to accept my awards.

The event was held in the gymnasium and once the attendees entered they were greeted with a booklet. On the right side of the room, there was a table with snacks such as cookies and water. After mingling with the guest, everyone was expected to find their seats and wait until it was time to begin at 6:00pm.

At that time, everyone stood for the National Anthem as a student sang, and the sound was incredible!

There were different awards that the seniors had earned including some for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Highest Honors awards, UC Davis ETS (Educational Talent Search) program awards, scholarships, and the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma award.

Different faculty staff members took turns calling out the names for each award. As the students’ names were called, they were asked to stand and be recognized, and everyone clapped at the end of the distribution of the awards.

Once it was over, students were escorted to the small gym to pick up the awards, which came in a packet and were distributed alphabetically by last time. Once the students picked them up, they were free to leave.

It was a very rewarding night and felt great seeing the success of the class of 2023.