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Danna Andrade

Danna Andrade, Staff writer

I am 17 years old from Richmond California. My biggest goal is to complete school and make it all for my family. My motivation has always been my parents which is why school has always been my top priority. Growing up I have always been a straight A student hoping to reach for more.After I graduate this year, I want to go to college to pursue nursing to hopefully become a pediatric nurse.

Due to always focusing on school, I've never really had any hobbies that I've stuck to. I always looked at them as a distraction. Now I wish I was stuck with a hobby. I really want to learn new things and make big things happen with what I learn.

Although I don't think this is considered a hobby, I really enjoy watching baseball. Going to baseball games has always been my favorite thing to do ever since I was around 8 years old. I grew up with my dad and brother being obsessed with baseball so it kind of forced me to enjoy it as well.

Overall, I love my life and hope to achieve a lot more things in my life looking into a positive direction.

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Danna Andrade