A month for innovation


Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

The course of human history has been drastically changed by the inventions of a few for the use of many.

A spark of light. A shock, akin to an electrical current, sent through the veins of the body upon the occurrence of an idea. The familiarity of something once so foreign calming the calamity of our minds. A spark of light. An emblem of hope. A spark of light. A spark of light burned the eyes and warmed the palms of its inventor. A spark of light illuminated the future.

From the dawn of time, humans have invented. The desire to solve and create is interwoven into our DNA. Since the birth of mankind, humans have made it their mission to live as efficiently as possible. Whether it is to make something quicker, easier, or simply eliminate the problem as a whole, humans crave solutions.

The life of a modern person reflects this innately human hunger. From the creation of the wheel to the invention of sliced bread to the present, the likes of the modern Alexa, humans need to remain in a constant state of evolution and progression. Due to those creative minds that laid the foundation for our society, we live the lives we do now.

To honor these individuals, the United Inventors Association of the USA, Inventors Digest, and the Academy of Applied Science decided to celebrate these inventors for the entire month of May. Although now celebrated in May, National Inventor’s Month was first recognized in August 1998. National Inventor’s Month’s purpose is to remember those who came before us, recognize those who are currently affecting the present, and inspire future generations. National Inventor’s Month’s “mission” is to celebrate the resourcefulness and ingenuity of mankind.

To celebrate National Inventor’s Month, we can invent! A great way to celebrate the month honoring inventors is to invent something yourself. A common approach to the inventing process is to first identify a problem. Then, brainstorm potential solutions. To challenge the mind, limit yourself to what you have in your environment. Another way is to research the inventors of the things you use in daily life. Try to imagine life without these things and how your life would be different without them. An alternative way to take part in National Inventor’s Month is to support aspiring inventors. You can do this by supporting them directly like buying their invention or sharing information about their ambitions.

With National Inventor’s Month, it is important to recognize the inventors who are often forgotten. It is common that inventors that belong to a minority group, no matter how influential their designs, are often not credited for their inventions. For example, Guillermo González Camarena, a Mexican inventor, invented colored television. In addition, Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood movie star, invented an early form of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. During this month, it is incredibly important to remember these people for their achievements and breakthroughs.

From the dawn of time, we have invented and the human race will continue to until the end. Without the inventors of the past, we would not have the lives of the present, and would not have the potential of our future. The inventions of the past have created an irreversible ripple effect in our lives. Each new invention is a rock tossed into the pond, creating a million ripples of varying sizes, forever changing the surface of the pond. All it takes is a spark of light.