Say thank you to your teachers!


Teachers play a critical role in students’ lives as well as in society!

This month of May is dedicated to our teachers, those who play a critical and important role in students’ lives as they teach them the skills necessary to succeed academically in life and become knowledgeable individuals. Not just that, but teachers also have the power to change lives, inspire our youth, and push them into becoming the best version of themselves by helping strengthen their abilities! They help nurture and increase their curiosity, as well as inspire creativity within them, which is necessary in preparing them for a life filled with problem-solving and learning! 

In this edition of the Armijo Signal, we talk all about education, such as the evolution of teaching methods over the decades starting with Maria Montessori, how to get a teaching credential for those of you interested in becoming a teacher in the future, and the pros and cons of teaching overseas. Additionally, we provide insight on the different events that are celebrated in honor of our teachers such as Teacher Appreciation Week (05/08 – 05/12) and National Teacher Appreciation Day (05/09). And what more fitting for this edition than to provide a teacher feature on a former Armijo student, now art teacher? We hope you enjoy this edition and consider showing your gratitude towards your teachers this month!