Armijo’s bathrooms fall victim to vandalism


Photo by Gabor Monori on Unsplash

As a result of increased violence, Armijo’s bathrooms remain constantly closed.

At Armijo High School, there has been a surge of vandalism to its bathrooms, particularly the men’s restrooms. The problem of vandalism to school property has always been prevalent in public schools around the country, but it seems that Armijo has that problem more often than others. Armijo has had to change its bathroom policies many times to try and mitigate the issue but nothing ever seems to work.

The janitors at Armijo are excellent and have always cleaned up after other people’s messes. Armijo has implemented rules and restrictions for restrooms, but as they aren’t able to monitor who is in the bathroom at one time and with the low number of hall monitors, it’s nearly impossible to be able to put a name to the crime.

At Armijo’s Library, they have already implemented a change to the men’s restroom by keeping it closed and only accessible with permission from the Library staff. They’ve also made it a rule that only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time, but with the large number of people that are in the library at a time, it’s very hard for the staff to be able to control what goes on. Even with these changes being implemented, it seems that the Library bathroom has found itself victim to vandalism again. The library staff has tried numerous methods to prevent this, but it seems that the only way for this to stop is through the closure of the bathroom.

Of course, that is only a temporary solution as schools have to keep some bathrooms open because people have to use the restroom. Students should have more respect for school property, staff, themselves, and their fellow students. The actions of a few delinquent students are causing trouble for innocent students who simply want to go on about their school day and use the restroom when they need to without having to wander around looking for a clean restroom.

Whatever the administrators of Armijo choose to do, they’ll have to ensure that it is enforced and bathrooms are more closely watched to insure that no suspicious activities are going on.