Ochoa was driven to get a job

At Work – Jennifer Ochoa, Zip Thru Car Wash

Working at a car wash provides Jennifer with a paycheck.

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Working at a car wash provides Jennifer with a paycheck.

At the age of 17, Jennifer Ochoa Medina got her first job at Zip-Thru Express Car Wash, located at 1281 Anderson Drive in Suisun City.

People who qualify for the job must be at least 16 of age and able to obtain a valid work permit. Ochoa qualified for the job and, once she applied, she was called in for an interview. The interview was quick, and the manager was patient with her answers. She did not feel nervous at all, she felt confident, in fact.

About a day later, she received a call from the manager saying she got the job and asking her when she could start. She immediately said and was ready to start right away.

Her first day on the job was easy. The manager was by her side teaching her everything. Her main duty is cashier and loader. She stops the cars and asks the drivers what type of car wash they want. There is a Silver Wash, Gold Wash, and Platinum Wash, ranging from $10-$20. The more expensive the wash, the more detailed the cleaning. They also give a 50% discount for the customer’s the next wash if they purchase the Platinum Wash.

Ochoa first receives the payment and opens the gate, leading the vehicle into the car wash. She makes sure the vehicle is perfectly straight and aligned with the lines in the car wash. Once that is set, she lets the driver know to set their vehicle on Neutral and they proceed with their car wash on their own.

She loves her job because they are flexible, and she gets off work before 8 pm. The employers at the car wash work around her school schedule and she still has time to do her homework after work. Overall, she enjoys working at the car wash and plans on staying there for a while.