ASB officer makes a positive impact

Student Activities Officer: Aailyah Watson


Camila Suarez Baez

Aaliyah is eager to help keep Armijo active.

Anne Aguilar, Staff Writer

Aaliyah Watson serves the Associated Student Body (ASB) as the Student Activities officer. Although she’s only been enrolled in the Leadership Program for three years, she’s been attending Leadership events since she was a freshman. 

Prior to being one of the ASB officers, Watson was a class officer during her sophomore year in high school. Watson’s favorite parts of Leadership are the events hosted, meeting new people, getting out of her inner circle, and bonding with people. 

Watson’s job as the Student Activities Officer is to make sure that the dates for the events are right and that everything is in line. She is also responsible for working with the other ASB officers to help make activities happen. 

She said that she hopes everyone she meets, whether it’d be the underclassmen or her peers, would have a positive memory of her. 

Watson believes that a good leader should be compassionate, knowing when to be a leader and a friend, while also having a strict mindset. She admitted that she may not have all these qualities but she’s always working hard to be a better leader. As a leader she is compassionate, adept at separating leadership and friendship, open-minded to new ideas, and glad to be planning for events because she likes to be on time and not doing things last minutes.

In addition to being part of the Leadership Program, Watson is also one of the co-presidents for National Honors Society (NHS), which she’s also joined in her sophomore year. This is her second year of playing badminton for the school team, too. 

After high school, Watson plans to attend college and major in business marketing and also be famous.