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Editor Focus – Elijah Shackleford, Classes & Clubs

Three years of experience has paid off.

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Three years of experience has paid off.

While looking for an elective to fill out my schedule in my freshman year, I discovered Journalism. However when I actually got to participate in writing for the www.the-armijo-signal.com, I gained a new appreciation for the program. What really reached out to me was the wide range of stories available, stories that featured topics that often interest me, both on and off-campus, and that allow me to explore a variety of topics.

I also took interest in the concepts behind the Armijo Signal, as a way to provide a spotlight for various groups and people around campus, and of being able to provide a way to stay connected with the campus. By the end of my first year on staff, I decided to keep contributing to the Armijo Signal by becoming an editor for the articles posted on various Classes and Clubs.

Currently, I am tasked with reviewing and uploading articles that highlight the various classes and clubs at Armijo. I enjoy this role because I feel that classes and clubs play an integral part in connecting Armijo. As a Junior Class Officer, bringing Armijo together is one of my main goals, and by being able to upload and view stories about what’s happening around Armijo, I can often gain key insight about how to reach out and connect with others in my community.

Outside of school, when I am not busy working on homework, I enjoy various activities such as playing golf and interacting with friends. I try to put my full effort into my roles at Armijo and enjoy learning more about the campus around me every day.

I also have many plans for my future at Armijo. In my effort to bring Armijo closer together and with the community, I hope I can further elevate The Armijo Signal to become an integral part of this movement. One of my big goals for The Armijo Signal is to make it more prominent amongst the students at Armijo. I hope to achieve this by introducing a social media page to modernize the advertising for The Signal which would help bring further exposure and possibilities for its potential. I also hope that I can also bring the various clubs around Armijo closer together in order to be able to more efficiently gain news and plan events as a whole for the entirety of Armijo to enjoy.

I hope to further offer my help by working with The Armijo Signal and hope to gain experiences and skills that will last me a life time.