Responsibility takes you places

Sophomore Class President – Olivia Ishisaki

Olivia enjoys her position as a leader for the Class of 2025.

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Olivia enjoys her position as a leader for the Class of 2025.

Braylen Saechao, Staff Writer

The Class of 2025 is in good hands with Olivia Ishisaki serving as Sophomore Class President. In this position, she holds many responsibilities and tries to do what she does best. 

“I think the first big event me and my class worked on was the Homecoming event,” she said. “I was in charge of making sure everyone was on task and making sure things went smoothly.”

Ishisaki is grateful for the other class presidents who share the same leadership and responsibility expectations. “Although I may be president of the sophomore class, there are other presidents that helped me. We all worked together to help everyone as a group, which is good that we made this a team effort,” she said. 

There are many things that motivate her and what make it so fun for her to be president. “I was really inspired by the upperclassmen and previous class officers, and I feel like I am able to take on the responsibility and start doing what they did, and I hope I am doing as good,” she said. 

Serving the school as class president is not always easy, though. “I think one of the biggest things that’s hard for me is that I have really bad anxiety because, although it is a team effort with the other presidents, I feel like I still feel a lot of the responsibility,” she said. “This makes me feel pressured and I start to wonder if I am doing enough and if I am fit to be president.” 

It is worth being persistent, however, and she continues to do her best. “I think it helps me because it’s a unique experience and it’s an honor to do this. It allows me to step up and take on a bigger role, which is a really good learning experience for me,” she said. 

“My favorite part of leadership would have to be meeting new people and forming bonds with them, especially people I don’t have the opportunity to meet outside of leadership. Not only that, I also get to meet new students and even other teachers that I have not previously met,” she said.

When she is not focused on her responsibilities in leadership, Ishisaki has several other things that she takes interest in. “Outside of school, I really enjoy drawing and water coloring, basically any form of art is something I enjoy,” she said. “I also like anime and manga, and any type of reading in general helps me because it makes me escape my life and others and sort of just be alone.”