It’s all about being a Royal!


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Armijo’s mascot shares names with others.

Armijo High School’s mascot is a Royal, which is represented as a purple A with a crown and as a purple and gold lion with a crown. However, that isn’t the only definition of being a Royal. There have been groups of people that have been considered as royalty for having royal blood or status, and still exist today! Some people are even considered as royalty because of the huge impact they have created in our modern culture, like Freddie Mercury, which we will talk about!

In this edition of the Armijo Signal, we talk about everything that has to do with royalty, from Hollywood Royalty to schools that feature the Royals as their mascot! In Hollywood Royalty, we talk about some of your favorite actors and actresses who were born to famous parents and have lived in the spotlight from a young age. Besides Armijo High School, there are many other schools in the US that feature the Royals as their mascot, and you will learn about that! Additionally, we will give you a detailed summary of the current British Royal family, which can sometimes be complicated to understand. You’ll also learn about royalty in the perspective of the Bible, specifically about King David. We hope you enjoy this edition that talks all about being a Royal!