Leadership is in his blood

ASB Treasurer: Josh Rusit


Daniela Contreras

Josh has been building his ASB career since middle school.

Anne Aguilar, Staff Writer

Josh Rusit has entered his senior year of high school as the treasurer of the Associated Student Body (ASB). This is his fourth year attending Armijo and his fourth year in high school leadership. Rusit actually started his experience on student council at Holy Spirit during 7th and 8th grade.

This year, he is looking forward to participating in a Night Rally as well as the Battle of Armijo (BOA). He’s been involved in those before, but not as an ASB officer.

Rusit decided to run for ASB office this year because he wanted to have a bigger roll, run events, and meet new people. He said that being an ASB officer is “a fun experience, stressful at times, but in the end I have an impact.” He believes that a leader should be: responsible, determined, patient, and empathetic. Throughout his years in Armijo he has developed these traits as a leadership student.

In addition to serving as treasurer, Rusit is also an athlete who plays both golf and basketball, and he is a part of Armijo’s National Honors Society (NHS). 

After high school, Rusit plans to attend a university in Southern California, where he hopes to major in business and economics. He is considering going into law after graduating. He thinks that his current experience in leadership should help him develop the skills necessary to be successful in the future.