Good leaders have important values

Junior Class Vice President: Leslie Silva

Being second-in-command for her class is her first priority.

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Being second-in-command for her class is her first priority.

In the Class of 2024, Leslie Silva has earned the position as vice president. She joined leadership to try out new things and to get to know people and is her third year in the program, 

Silva ran for class officer to take on a bigger role, get experience for the Associated Student Body (ASB), and see how she fits the role. She said that being a class officer is “…an incredible opportunity to not only take on more responsibility as a leader, but also to build connections with others.” 

“While there is lots of work involved with taking on responsibility as a class officer, the relationships and experiences you make with the students around you are why make the position such a filling and incredible thing to take part in,” she said. 

Silva believes that a leader should know how to balance work, time, and fun. “A good leader is willing to represent people and to do what they desire.” she said. “I think the most important qualities in being a good leader are to balance things in life.” She, of course, tries to fit these criteria to the best of her abilities, even though she may not always fulfill it.

Being the vice president of the Class of 2024 is not Silva’s only role as a leader. Not only is she the vice president of the junior class, but she is also the vice president for Armijo’s Skate 4 Change club. She is also an athlete who plays badminton and soccer. Silva is outgoing, competitive, and friendly. She has a very confident and loud voice. 

In the spring, Silva is planning to run for a position as an Associate Student Body (ASB) officer, preferably secretary, vice president or president. This year she is looking forward to meeting new people, Prom 2.0 in April, SpEd Basketball in December, and Powderpuff football, which may take place in the spring. 

During her free time, she likes to play soccer, watch TV, sleep, and hanging out with her family and friends.