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Club Focus: Guitar Club

The Guitar Club meets to share a common interest in this acoustic instrument

The Guitar Club meets to share a common interest in this acoustic instrument

Melissa Martinez, Staff Writer

Tumultuous and thunderous, all while maintaining its smooth and mellow reputation, the guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument. The flexibility of the guitar makes it a staple in many genres, including but not limited to Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Rock. 

Noted as a passionate instrument, the guitar is a great artistic outlet. This can make learning the guitar intimidating. However, learning and playing in a supportive environment make the process much more enjoyable. 

This environment is available here at Armijo with its Guitar Club. This club calls upon anyone to join, no matter the skill level. With guitar players in various stages of their journeys, it is crucial to learn how to play along with others, an opportunity presented by this club. 

The Guitar Club is designed to be a place where people can take advantage of that opportunity. Described as laid back, this fluid environment allows players to improve their skills and provides opportunities for creativity to flourish. 

Guitar club member Michael Alcantara said, “It’s good to be around other guitarists; it’s beneficial because you can learn from your peers.” 

This club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Mr. Tyler Losberger’s classroom, C-9. Taking the role of advisor just this year, Mr. Losberger described Guitar Club as “a good opportunity to learn to play guitar and meet new people.” 

Those who feel unmotivated to learn the guitar will be motivated in this welcoming environment. Not only this but friendships can be formed over the shared love for music and playing. What once seemed out of reach becomes possible in your own high school!