Class President advocates for a positive change

Junior Class President: Kaylie Reyes


Daniela Contreras

The Class of 2024 is led by this determined individual.

Entering high school during the middle of the pandemic was a big change for the Class of 2024. That was when Junior Class President Kaylie Reyes first became part of the Leadership program, though, and she’s adapted well. 

Reyes is not only the President of the Junior Class, but she is also part of the Varsity Volleyball team. In addition, she has also been involved in karate and hula over the years.

This won’t be her last year serving as an Associated Student Body (ASB) officer, if she has her way. She plans to run in the spring for another role in Leadership, either as a class officer or an ASB officer. Some of traits she believes a leader should have are accountability, responsibility, kindness, assertiveness, and dedication. Reyes tries her best to fit those traits to be the best officer she can be. 

“As Class President I feel like one of the main jobs I have is to just make everyone feel included and have a voice that is heard,” she said. “It’s important that we’re aware of the fact that we’re capable of creating change.” Reyes ran for one of the class officer positions to be more involved, and enjoys serving in a bigger role as a way to have an impact not only herself, but on her community as well.

Some of the things Reyes enjoys about Leadership are the positive attitude everyone has, behind the scenes work, and the dedication of everyone working together for a common goal in events and community services. For underclassmen who are looking to serve and succeed, she recommends that they do the work and also cherish the moments because high school goes by fast.