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Restaurant Review: Ayemi’s Poke & Deli

What do you want to create for your next meal?


What do you want to create for your next meal?

Ayemi’s Poke & Deli, located at 700 Main Street in Suisun City, serves delicious food with a variety of options.

I was honored to be able to try this spot and tell you all about it. I visited the restaurant in October. When I arrived it was not very busy. I believe there was only one customer paying and two employees in the front.

I was greeted and immediately started my order. The restaurant had so many options from sushi, salads, wings, rice, etc. it was so hard to choose one dish. I decided on the poke bowl. In the poke bowl you have the option to choose between brown rice, white rice, mixed greens, or half & half. You then choose your type of protein/meat and the options are salmon, Ahi tuna tofu, teriyaki chicken, shrimp, or squid salad. For my bowl I chose white rice with teriyaki chicken, jalapenos, corn, and carrots as my toppings.

My brother who accompanied me ordered a plate of delicious tempura shrimp. The plate comes with five pieces of buttered and fried shellfish for $13,  which seems like a fair price.

For our drinks, I got a Coke and my brother got their milk tea Boba drink, making our total come out to $36 plus tax. The restaurant also has a section with ice cream and we decided to take one for my sister once we were done eating.

The food was very filling and had the right amount of protein. Everything was fresh and I really like how we could see our food being served. That way we could see the portions. Each portion was a good spoonful.

As I mentioned, the restaurant has a lot of options including sushi. The sushi served consists of shrimp tempura roll, California roll, the Dragon roll, and the Unagi roll, with prices ranging from $10 – $15 depending on which one you get.

I really recommend going to Ayemi’s Poke & Deli if you love fresh and delicious food in the Suisun area.