Compassionate about making a difference

ASB Secretary Brigida Perez


Even before Senior Sunrise, Brigida started this year ready to do her part.

Aldo Suarez, Photography editor

Brigida Perez had an emotional journey to her becoming the Associated Student Body (ASB) Secretary in her final year of high school. “I am very happy and excited,” she said. “I put all of my effort and tried my best into running for this position so, when I found out that I won, it was very emotional for me.” 

Perez was very excited about winning the position after spending her entire high school career in the leadership program. “I am actually not in student government,” she said. “The ASB officers are different from the student government positions.” 

“There wasn’t a specific officer role I was hoping for,” she said. “I 100% would have been equally happy if I got any position.” Perez is no stranger when it comes to being a leader. During her freshman year she held different head positions and was previously the Social Media Commissioner. 

One of the many things that the ASB officers had to do before winning their positions was to campaign and, for Perez, it was a fun process. “When I campaigned I took a lot of advantage off social media; I made a lot of digital posters,” she said. In addition to the digital posters, Perez also made stickers and picture frames to help her campaign. 

As ASB Secretary, Perez will have to sign a lot of paperwork and logistical stuff. Even though this might not sound exciting, it is all important in making sure meetings are being run correctly and that events are properly supplied and planned. As ASB Secretary, Perez has a very important role to fill. 

“COVID impacted my leadership experience because, firstly, I didn’t really get to say good-bye to the seniors my freshman year, and doing distance learning was definitely interesting. It was weird not seeing the new incoming freshmen since everyone’s cameras were off” 

As an ASB officer, Perez might be taking care of paperwork and logistical stuff, but taking care of the environment is something she cares a lot about. “I think that I would love for people to pick up after themselves a lot more,” she said. “I really care about the environment and respecting our campus, so if people were more willing to pick up the trash they dropped or cleaned off the tables after lunch that would be amazing.”

Besides leadership, Perez enjoys journaling, writing about anything that comes to mind, any thought, idea, or feeling. Doing this helps her have a clear mind and feel good mentally.