Student leader takes courage

Freshman Class President: Mariza Supapo

Mariza leads the Class of 2026 in a new direction.

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Mariza leads the Class of 2026 in a new direction.

Mariza Supapo has taken the role of freshman class president, but this isn’t the first time she has been part of leadership. She went to Crystal Middle School and was part of the student council there while she was in 5th grade. 

Supapo joined Armijo’s leadership because she wanted to meet more people. She applied to be one of the officers so she could help freshmen feel as important as upperclassmen. In her role, she will contribute to the school and her peers by making sure that their voices are heard. 

Her job as the freshman class president is to make sure things in her class are running smoothly and making sure everyone is having fun. Since freshmen tend to be scared of talking, Supapo wants to be their voice and make them feel comfortable and welcome. She hopes to make sure every freshman is included in school events and that they feel safe around the campus. 

For Supapo, being the class president is an honor and also has a lot of responsibilities, but it will be worth it in the end. Leading into her sophomore year, she will most likely run again for a position of class officer, with the ultimate goal of having one of the Associated Student Body (ASB) positions as a senior.

While she is committed to serving the Class of 2026, she is also committed to athletics. Supapo is already doing two sports this year, and is planning a third. This season she plays tennis and in winter she will be on the basketball team. In the spring, she also plans to run track. 

In her free time, she also attends school events and hangs out with her family. Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite place to travel is Hawaii. 

She hopes to attend UCLA for her college years, either to become a professional athlete or go into the medical profession.