Voulez-vous parler français?

In This Class: French


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Learn the language to fully appreciate the culture.

Ms. Mandana Radmanesh, the French teacher at Armijo High School, can be found in room A-9 throughout the school day.

French is offered at Armijo, as well as at Rodriguez and Fairfield High Schools. According to the FSUSD Course Catalog, “French I is an introduction to the language. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are presented through thematic units with an emphasis on oral, listening, reading and writing expressions.” It is hoped that beginning students will learn not only the language but also develop an “appreciation for the French culture and its influence throughout the world.”

Students who choose to pursue French as underclassmen often go on to French II, which can be considered in the A-G requirements under World Languages (E) or as an Elective College Entrance Requirement. This course expands “the student’s’ knowledge of the language through additional and extended thematic units,” the Course Catalog explains. “Extensive oral communication and grammatical development will be obtained through projects, literature, written expression and cultural activities.”

A third level of French is available for students who have completed French II. French III “is designed to expand and strengthen reading, oral, and written communication with an emphasis on literature, composition, and conversation.”

Rodriguez and Fairfield offer French IV, but Armijo is the only school that offers IB French for juniors and seniors. The students who are in this advanced class generally have earned at least a C in French III. The Course Catalog explains that “IB French focuses on language acquisition to a sophisticated degree. Like other French courses, it focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will continue to explore the French-speaking cultures of the world. This course leads to an IB examination that meets the Group 2 requirement for IB Diploma candidates.”

Ms. Radmanesh teaches five classes of the language every day, but at four different levels: French 1, 2, and 3, and IB French. “I enjoy all but I do enjoy teaching French IB and French 1,” she said. One of her favorite aspects of teaching at these levels? “I enjoy teaching the vocabulary in French.” She is also in charge of the French Club on campus.

Ms. Radmanesh worked hard and had an international experience getting her degree. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and Language.at San Francisco State University and also took classes in Belgium. She had some great memories of her college experiences. “I liked it when I went out with friends. I also liked a French theater class I joined and I remember we presented a play, she said.

Her family is very supportive of her career choice. “I tell them stories all the time,” Ms. Radmanesh said.

Ms. Radmanesh is more than willing to have students involved in French Club, whether they are currently in French classes or not. It’s a great way to get a taste of the language and culture and make a decision about whether to pursue the course.