Campus services go above and beyond

College Focus: University of Pittsburgh

Students can find help with their anxiety on this campus.

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Students can find help with their anxiety on this campus.

Danna Andrade, Staff writer

With a 67% acceptance rate, the University of Pittsburgh is not easy to get into, but it does offer multiple wellness programs and services. 

Being a college student can come with a lot of stress and a lot of pressure. Schools like the University of Pittsburgh that offering wellness services can help alleviate some of that pressure. The University of Pittsburgh goes above and beyond in what they have to offer: individual and group therapies, psychological resources, peer educators, counselors, and more. 

These Mental Health services attract students who know that they can get help when they need it. It is, possibly, because of these supports that the University of Pittsburgh can boast of an 83% graduation rate.

The University’s most populated program/major is Psychology with 6%. Biology and Nursing come in as the second most popular majors, with 4% each. If those subjects sound interesting to you and you want to be attending college across the country next fall, or in a few years, you’ll want to be prepared.

The average GPA (grade point average) of students who are accepted is about 3.7 and outstanding extracurriculars. Three letters of recommendation and test scores for either the SAT or the ACT are expected, according to  

Potential college athletes should know that the University of Pittsburgh stands as an NCAA Division II school with 15 teams. Being an athlete and a student isn’t the easiest balance, which is why being offered a mental health program is such a great thing. The amount of students reporting a mental health disorder, anxiety, or depression, stands at 35% ( It can be a great thing for seniors in high schools to look for schools who offer programs that help with their health and wellness. It can be a great opportunity in the long run in case you find yourself stuck in college, especially as a new student, far from home in a new environment. The University of Pittsburg is known as being able to help.

Some notable alumni include American actor, singer, filmmaker and dancer Gene Kelly, actress and human rights activist Zelda Rubinstein, and billionaire David Tepper, who is the owner of the Carolina Panthers.