ASB Candidate Kaitlyn Edejer

ASB Candidate Kaitlyn Edejer

  • Get to know me 🙂
    • I am currently a junior at Armijo and have been in Leadership for 3 years
    • I have been an All-Star Cheerleading Coach at Dream Xtreme for 4 years
    • I work as a Content Creator on my social media platforms
    • I love spending time in the city, doing yoga, trying new restaurants, and exploring the bay area
  • I am really passionate about creating memorable experiences in highschool & love connecting with new people!
  • I want to be an ASB officer because Leadership is the thing at school that makes me feel a part of something bigger than myself. I want everyone at our school to have the opportunity to leave our events knowing they just made some of the best memories in high school. We all deserve this experience & feeling and I want to help create those moments for YOU!

Main Goals for ASB:

  1. Catering Events to the entire school. Leadership events are some of the best memories I have of highschool! Catering events to as many students as possible is one of my biggest goals because students tend to miss out on what our program has to offer when they think the events aren’t for them or won’t be fun just from the event title.  Each event has something different & unique to offer which all students should experience! 
  2. The New Norm.  If elected ASB, I would love to bring back/start some old & new traditions on the daily at Armijo! I would love to bring back some fun activities & events like Music Friday & Night Rally, as well as create some new norms! I think little things like student potlucks, monthly movie nights, picnics  in the quad,  game nights, & more spirit weeks would make school a more fun & less stress heavy environment for both staff & students! 

Student Lounge & Sanctuary.  As a student who both works & does full IB I understand the mental health struggles that students endure. One goal I have is to designate a safe place where students could go to take a break, grab snacks, grab necessities such as femine products, gum, and little things like that! School can be such a stressful place and  just having little things that can ease stress is a simple adjustment to make school a better environment. 

Get In Touch With Me!

I would love to connect, chat, &/or answer any questions you may have <3