ASB Candidate Brigida Perez

ASB Candidate Brigida Perez

Hello everyone! My name is Brigida Perez, but some of you may know me as Bridgette. I am 16 years old and currently a junior. In my freetime I enjoy watching superhero movies, listening to boybands, and shooting photography on film. I love Cold Stone ice cream and hanging out with my friends in and out of Leadership. I am very excited to be one of your ASB Officer candidates!

My Leadership Journey!

Coming out of middle school I was extremely shy and nervous. I remember how I signed up for Leadership blindly, I didn’t know what the class was about at all. I didnt even know the class started at 7 am! But I would say this was the best decision I have made in my high school life. This program has opened so many doors and opportunities for me to grow out of my shy and introverted shell I was always in. I never thought this was possible, but I was proved wrong. Both the program as a whole and individuals in the program have helped me grow. I have a strong emotional connection with this program because of how my leadership and collaborative skills have been improving after each year, which ultimately boosted my confidence. This program is also where I have made some of my closest friends. Knowing how I felt during my experiences, I want a good and beneficial leadership experience for everyone enrolled.

What I want for the Program and School!

As much as I express how passionate I feel about the Leadership class, I am still aware there are some aspects that could be changed. I noticed that there is a big division between members in Leadership, specifically in grades. Our program thrives when we are all working together, and because of this I want to build up our bonds with each other. We should have people from different grades getting closer and making connections with people in a different grade. I want us to create an environment where we are comfortable with one another and are comfortable enough to speak up and share out. Another thing I would like to improve on is the division between Leadership students and non-Leadership students. Our Leadership events should bring different parts of our school together to improve our on-campus community. I think Covid made it harder to see this, but our program should highlight different groups throughout campus. These are some hopes I have for the program and an insight in how I view it; I want to help lift up different people in the program and school to be their true selves and become leaders.