Royals reign at NCBA Championships

Winter Percussion & Winter Guard Competition – NCBA Championships – April 2


Superband leads the pack in this tough competition.

The competition was stiff with over 1000 students competing, but Armijo found themselves with impressive placements in the Northern California Band Association Championships event in Stockton at the beginning of April. Here’s how they placed:


Armijo HS Guard – Independent Regional A – Champion (1st)


Armijo HS – Scholastic Concert Percussion – 2nd Place

Drum Majors:

Mace Novice:
  • Princessa Silva – Armijo HS – 2nd
  • Arnie Gaerlan – Armijo HS – 6th
  • Brady Saephanh – Armijo HS – 13th
  • Giovanni Pena – Armijo HS – 16th
  • Lilyana Ornelas – Armijo HS – 20th
Mace Open:
  • Dolores Almanza – Armijo HS – 2nd (Dolores also won a $500 Scholarship from NCBA)

Ms. Louise Jacob, band teacher, did a fantastic job training and supporting the band. “What an amazing accomplishment.  Congratulations to you and the students!” said Ms. Denise Hunter, Armijo’s choir teacher.

“Fantastic!! Way to go Royals. Congratulations to you all,” Ms. Lori Gonzalez, computer teacher, said.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them perform and they are fantastic!” said Ms. Renee Deger, English teacher.

Mr. Cody Frisinger, art teacher, said, “That is GREAT! Obviously a lot of hard work and dedication is being done by [Ms. Jacob] and the students! I hope they are walking around proudly on campus!”