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ASB Focus: Jarvis Ferguson, Senior Class Treasurer


Starting at the top as an officer for his class, Jarvis makes his goals his reality.

The reason why Senior Class Treasurer Jarvis Ferguson got involved in student government is because he likes the challenge. “Another reason why I chose this position is because I love helping people and being a leader that likes to work with any and everyone, no matter who it is, when it is, and where it’s at,” he said. 

“This is my first year of student government, but I deeply regret not starting sooner,” Ferguson said. Now that he’s had the experience, he intends to continue being part of student government in college. 

“Have fun, learn, and be open-minded because, when participating in student government, you’ll find yourself agreeing and disagreeing with a lot of opinions and statements,” said Ferguson. While he has a lot of opportunity to discuss the opinions of others, his primary job as Treasurer is to process the funds for the senior class and sign off on money that needs to be passed on. 

When he is not working or concentrating on his role in Leadership, he spends time studying acting. After graduating from Armijo, he plans to attend Sierra College, a two-year institute in Rocklin, and major in psychology. “After I get my Associate’s degree, I plan on transferring into one of my dream schools: Stanford, UCLA, Yale, NYU, USC, or Harvard.” 

Ferguson is the oldest of seven children. His younger siblings are KyShawn (17), Leigha (16), Eric (14), Malaysia (10), Jeimah (4), and Tobias (2).