What’s so funny?

Editorial: Laughter

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

Laughter might seem pretty basic to you, but it’s extremely important in everyday life. Whether it comes from watching entertainment, hanging out with friends, doing something silly, or getting tickled, laughter just comes out of you.

Laughter is a physical reaction that tends to be a primitive, unconscious vocalization. This is not only seen in humans, but also in other animals, mostly primates. Laughing further releases endorphins, the nice feeling chemicals that our bodies produce to make us feel happy and even relieve pain or stress. Almost everyone can recognize a laugh, and it can even be contagious!

It’s important to surround yourself with good people who can lift you up and give you a good laugh. Laughter is one of the greatest ways to bond as it can easily make another feel better. A study found that people laughed about 30 times more when they were around others than when they were alone (WebMD). This just proves that you can be much happier and healthier just by laughing with the people around you.

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