Sharing his connections through Clubs

Editor Focus – Elijah Shackleford, Clubs

Not only is Elijah an editor, but he is also a Class Treasurer (as featured in Februarys newspaper).

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Not only is Elijah an editor, but he is also a Class Treasurer (as featured in February’s newspaper).

Elijah Shackleford, Clubs Editor

Elijah Shackleford took his first high school Journalism class during Distance Learning as a freshman. This year, he is serving as the editor of the Clubs section.

The main thing I get out of Journalism is a closer connection to my school. Through Journalism, I have beenable to find out about new events, clubs, or people I wouldnever have heard about in a normal school year.

One aspect I really like about Journalism is that some of the information available can extend to things off-campus, and even sometimes cover topics I’m interested in in my personal life. 

I originally found out about Journalism when I was looking for an elective in my freshman year. It was definitely the elective that stood out to me the most, as coming from middle school I had a sort of dream about becoming some sort of critic. Luckily, joining Journalism helped me explore topics such as important vocabulary, real life examples, and many more things that I could carry on in my life.

While I am exploring new possible career paths, I still think Journalism will be an important source of knowledge to help apply for colleges, or even resumes one day.  Being able to have the knowledge on how to write a good article is helpful in many fields. 

I plant to be with Journalism through my senior year. Along with being able to offer helpful CAS hours for junior and seniors in IB, it also helps me get ahead of the crowd for events and opportunities academically.

Some of my future goals in journalism are to be able to bring more coverage over programs such as student leadership, to gain more readers throughout the school, and possibly even to develop the social media accounts for The Armijo Signal.