Plan ahead!

Prom Planning: Clothes & Hair Appointments


Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

Royals, prom is a month away! Now is the perfect time to start planning.

Prom is almost here and dresses are flying off the racks. With the big event coming up on Saturday, May 21, it’s time to get ready for getting ready.

This magical night will take place in the Library Galleria in Sacramento. Dance permission forms for Armijo students and for students off-campus are available in the Counseling Office. Guests must be students in high school and no freshmen will be permitted. Tickets are currently $75, but will go up as more are sold. Many students will arrange to have pictures taken before leaving for the big event and even more will schedule a time to grab a bite to eat, showing off their once-in-a-lifetime wardrobe either locally or near the venue itself.

Guys who want to go at the utmost of style should be checking out the tuxedos and making appointments for getting their rented suits tailored to fit their frame. That means that they need to know what color their dates are wearing and what colors coordinate for vests, bowties, cummerbunds and other accents. Many tuxedo rental places will require at least a month’s warning to get the best look, so this is the time to get organized.

For those young men who want to impress their special dates, this is a good time to start pricing flowers to find the perfect varieties at the perfect price. It’s also a good time to get transportation lined up with friends and the companies that provide it. (Check for suggestions.)

Prom is later this year, but it is still important to get appointments for hair and nails before the best salons are all booked up. Some shops offer prom discounts or have stylists who give special prices for appointments on the day of the event. There are several locations around the Fairfield and Suisun area that can provide the services prom-goers need, but appointments are highly recommended and, with fewer than six weeks before the event, time is of the essence.

Don’t forget to be putting aside a little money over the next several weeks to help pay for these extra expenses. Dresses, tuxedos, prom bids and transportation costs may cause the biggest dents in the wallets, but planning ahead can save money on some of the smaller details, allowing one to splurge on things like dinner before the big event.