Editorial: Remember carrier pigeons?


Photo by Isaac Chou on Unsplash

Hieroglyphs were one of the first forms of communication. Continue reading to learn more!

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

As we can recall from last school year’s Distance Learning, communication is extremely important and can be challenging. Personally, being back in person has allowed me to communicate more with teachers and friends.

With all these new forms of communication, sometimes the old-fashioned ones are the best and were most missed – talking face to face and hand-written notes passed around class.

It’s important to be wary on how you communicate, remembering that you’re talking to another human being, who may not be hearing the message the way you think you are communicating it.

The oldest known form of communication was cave paintings. Soon, pictures turned into numbers and characters/symbols. You might’ve heard of Egyptian hieroglyphics that historians have been able to translate, leading to an understanding of the lost ancient past. Over the past hundred years alone, major inventions have allowed humans to communicate much more efficiently. We went from carrier pigeons in a small settlement to sending instantaneous messages on the other side of the globe.

Social media is one of the biggest forms of communication, and miscommunication, today. While it has both positive and negative effects on the world, it is certainly changing the world in ways that no form has. There’s a story on YouTube, written by one of our staff writers, that encompasses some of the thoughts we all have about the million-video compilation website.

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