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Editorial: The Opposite of Winter


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Summer is not too far away, but it is still winter in this part of the world.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

The opposite of winter is quite obviously summer, but we don’t usually have an editorial during summer break, so we will celebrate the warmth in this cold season.

Summertime is typically associated with vacation, hot temperatures, and long days. With no school, you might be munching on some crunchy, refreshing watermelon or sipping a chilled glass of tea. This is much different than the current season. You might prefer a cup of hot chocolate or some warm soup instead of cold-cut fruits, but we can dream about the opposite season, right?

Winter and summer each have their own solstice, meaning polar opposite amounts of sun. In our winter, we clearly experience shorter days (less sun time) and in the summer we have long days. This has a very scientific explanation, which is interesting to explore to learn more about how our world works.

However, it’s also good to put things into perspective and think about other parts of the world besides your own.  While your entire world might look like one thing, the type of occurring season depends on the location. Therefore, different hemispheres and parts of the world are currently experiencing different seasons. While we, in the northern hemisphere, are in winter, those in the southern hemisphere on the opposite side of the world, are in the summer weather.

If you would like to find out more about solstices and how that works, check out one of our most recent current theme stories! Along with changing weather and seasons, holidays and styles change over the months. We just published a story comparing trending clothes from both summer and winter. Be sure to read it! Happy holidays and have a restful, safe break, no matter what the weather is.