The harmonious life of Harmoni

Senior Spotlight – Harmoni Perry


Memories are one thing that Harmoni will take with her after graduation.

The first time that Harmoni Perry was in The Armijo Signal, she was just a freshman and she earned the recognition because of her musical name ( She’s been attending Armijo High School ever since.

“Over the years I have been in many activities here at Armijo,” she said. “I’ve been in Theatre Club, Improv, Video Game Club, and K-Pop Club. I’ve also attended after school events like football games, Game Night, Karaoke Night, and dances.”

Being involved has been important to her and she would encourage others to do the same, but to also be aware of where they are going. “Some advice I would give to new students at Armijo is to not worry about your friends more than your grades. I’ve seen too many people suffer in their last two years of high school because they didn’t listen and now aren’t on track to graduate,” she said.

“My favorite memory at Armijo is the Homecoming Football Game in 2018. It was a night I spent with my friends and I’ll never forget how much fun we had.” Perry said that, despite all the memories she’s created, it is her friends that she will miss the most.

Perry has clearly invested in her high school experience, despite missing out on over a year of on-campus learning. COVID took a personal toll in her life when she lost her great-grandmother to the disease and almost lost her father. “It made me realize that we, as people, are too comfortable with sharing food and drinks. Our perception of personal space isn’t very good,” she said.

“If I could change one thing about Armijo, it would be to be stricter with behavior. I’ve seen too many students act like fools with an attitude,” said Perry. “It’s annoying and causes fights.”

Because she’s been living in the present, this senior is not sure of her plans after high school. If she goes to college, she said that she wants to major in foreign language and pursue her dream to live in Korea as a stylist.

Her hobbies include playing video games, cooking, singing, and learning K-Pop choreography. She is inspired by K-Pop idols because they work hard to be where they are.

Perry is the oldest of four children. Her siblings are Gabriel, 14; Shirley, 11; and Graciegh, 3.