Olivia serves her class well

ASB Focus – Olivia Mauk: Jr Class Secretary


Emily Torres Maravilla

Olivia balances her time between Leadership, Theatre and more.

Aldo Suarez, Classes Editor

Being the Class Secretary is a hard job. The person who fills the role is expected to take care of paperwork, schedule meetings, record minutes and more. Olivia Mauk decided that she wanted to make a change in her school community, so she joined the school government in third grade and now serves as secretary for the Class of 2023. In that position, she decided to continue changing her school community one step at a time.

“The class officers all work together to do tasks,” said Mauk. “We are responsible for things like homecoming skits, fundraising, and general class business.” While she’s learning a lot in this position, she doesn’t plan on making a career in student government. Next year will probably be her last year, but she would encourage others to make it their first.

“If you want to get involved in student government just do it!” she said. “Don’t be worried about not being “popular” enough to be elected. As long as you show people your leadership traits, you’ll be fine.”

Mauk can serve students through next year and still walk away from Leadership happy because she has several other interests. “I am involved in theatre at Armijo. I am also in the IB program and president of the College and Career club. In my very limited free time, I love listening to music and watching TV shows/movies.” she said “My main role model is Harry Styles. I love his creativity and talent. I live by his quote, ‘Treat people with kindness.’”

While, as a school officer, Mauk would do anything possible for Armijo’s student population, she said that she wishes she could see the school increase the funding that the theatre program receives. “We receive practically no funding and it’s really bothering. Other schools have new facilities to perform in, while we don’t,” she said. “I know how complicated funding is, but someday soon I hope something could be worked out.”

Mauk actually plans to major in Theatre in college, and pursue an artistic and entertaining career.