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Editorial – Dance


Dance can whatever you feel it should be.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever just wanted to get up and dance from listening to music? For this editorial, we’re celebrating all things dance!

Dance is extremely important as it allows people to express themselves and bring them closer together. Many would argue that it’s a form of communication and art. Everyone’s familiar with the concept, but dance has benefits that aren’t realized.

Dance can easily be an outlet as exercise and taking your mind off of other things, which promotes good health and reduced stress. Some forms of dance include socializing with other dancers, so in participating in the art, you could connect and make new friends. A lot of the time, dancing means being creative as you would need to come up with the next steps in a dance.

While for many, like myself, dancing doesn’t come easy, that’s okay! That’s the beauty of dance since it doesn’t have a strict structure or rules to follow. It’s all up to the person and their style. You could be walking and all of a sudden you slide and step to the beat.

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