Ugalde shares interests with friends

Senior spotlight – Kaleb Ugalde


Emily Torres Maravilla

Passion continues to take Kevin into the future.

Maya Adimora, Beyond the Gates editor

After a year of distance learning, Kaleb Josh Ugalde is ready to make up for lost time. “COVID-19 has impacted me by taking away many possible memories, victories, and opportunities by keeping me locked up at home,” he said.

Ugalde is a member of the school’s Robotics Club and French Club. He claims that he’s been “lucky to be with people who share similar passions as well as the same level of passion I have in my hobbies,” which is an aspect of Armijo he’ll miss the most. The senior is also passionate about programming and photography.

After high school, Ugalde said that he won’t let his dad’s sacrifices for his family be in vain. He intends to major in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) program at UC Berkeley. “I plan on being a Software Developer/Engineer when I’m finished with schooling,” he said.

Because he was once a freshman, Ugalde has this to say to incoming students: “Do as much as you can in your first year. All the years that will follow will be busy. So trying out as much as you can in your first year can help you find your passions or events that you’ll participate in in the future.”

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