Dress fancy, stay classy


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Show up to your next dance looking your very best with these tips.

Maya Adimora, Beyond the Gates Editor

For some students, school dances are the highlight of their high school experience. They are easily the most hyped up aspect of high school — outside of football games — in teen movies. It’s the perfect time to get dolled up and hang out with friends.

However, it would be a shame if you weren’t allowed into the dance even if you paid for a ticket because you weren’t following the dress code. Believe it or not, schools do enforce a dress code for dances. Most schools tend to go for a semi-formal to formal dress code, which means that casual items, like jeans and sweatpants, are out of the question.

Those wearing dresses should find a suitable dress, around knee-length or below. To look your best, find a gown that accentuates your body type. The neckline shouldn’t plunge too far. Avoid skin-tight dresses; keep the fabric flowy. If you plan on exposing your midriff, make sure that nothing private is showing.

As long as your accessories aren’t overly large, everything is fair game. Sneakers, sandals, slippers, and other casual shoes are a no-no, but wear a nice pair of high heels, boots, or dress shoes.

The dress codes for suits are far more lax. Show up wearing a nice sport coat, dress pants, tuxedo vest over a collared shirt, and/or a tie.

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