Keeping records, carrying out tasks

Freshman Secretary Hannah Brackfield


Emily Torres Maravilla

Hannah brings a fresh spark to the position.

When Hannah Brackfield was in elementary school, she became part of the Student Council and now, as a high school freshman, she is serving her class as Secretary. She had two reasons for getting involved in student government that have developed since those early days. “I wanted to make an impact on the school and it would look good on college applications,” she said. “I was interested in this position because I like to take a bigger role and genuinely want to help and make change for the better.”

As secretary, her job is to help out a lot with Leadership and to be a representative of the freshman class.  She’s only just beginning in high school, but she is already considering pursing opportunities in student government in college as well “because I like to be a leader and help out in any way I can as a student,” she said.

Brackfield is committed in other areas, too. “I like to play basketball, soccer, and football, but my main sport is soccer. I am currently on a club soccer team and I go to Armijo’s Girls’ Soccer team conditioning days every Tuesday and Thursday.” Her goal is to continue playing in college where she is considering studying to become a member of the medical community.

For others considering getting involved in student government, Brackfield suggested that they recognize that they have to be willing to effectively and publicly talk to others. “I know it’s really hard to confidently talk in front of crowds and be able to effectively communicate and cooperate with strangers, but that plays a huge part in student government,” she said. “If you can do that and you genuinely want to make a difference, you will do great in student government!”

She speaks with the authority of one who knows. “I have been well prepared and I have the work ethic and motivation to continue pushing myself to make a positive impact on this school,” said Brackfield. “The first thing I want to do in my new position is to help with student mental health. I have other issues outlined as well, but I feel that student mental health is the main priority for me.”

One of her role models is her brother Dominick Brackfield who is a senior who plays football and is about to graduate with an IB diploma and a 4.2 GPA. “Another one of my role models is my older cousin Shannon Dewhirst,” she said. “She graduated from UC Davis and is currently an English teacher at Rodriguez High School.”

Brackfield said that she is grateful for the opportunity to serve as Secretary for the Class of 2025.