What are the rules for playing basketball game 21?


Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

The game of 21 can be an intense competition.

Maya Adimora, Beyond the Gates editor

While 21, or Twenty-One, is a card game and drinking game, it is also a simplified version of basketball. Custom rules can be added to the game, but this article will only cover the universal ones for brevity.

The game is played on a half-court with  three teams of one or more players. The goal of the game is to score exactly 21 points in an unspecified amount of time. Two-point shots can be made anywhere, while three-point shots are made on the three-point line and shots made from the free-throw line are worth one.

The game’s “tip-off” changes from version to version, but “for the game to begin, one player will make a shot from the three-point line and either makes the basket or misses. If they miss the rest of the players will go after the rebound and try and score. If the ball goes in the player that scores will begin shooting free throws.” (https://bit.ly/3wdC7bt)

Then the player in possession of the ball will be competing against the rest of the players. After making a two-point or three-point shot, the player shoots three times from the free-throw line. If the shooter misses, the other players fight to get the rebound. If he or she makes all of the shots, the ball remains in the shooter’s possession.

As previously mentioned, the goal is to score exactly 21 points. Going over 21 points reduces the player’s score to 11 points.

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