Editorial: Lasts can become beginnings


Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash

Our lasts can be sad, but they hold significance that we’re moving forward.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

As much as we do and don’t want it to happen, the last times we do something eventually happen. Before the middle of June, we will have joined each of our last classes for the school year, for instance. For many, this could be the last time seeing some students that have stuck with you since the beginning – of your education, of your high school experience, or even of this year. However, the last times can be a good thing when it comes to new beginnings. It means we get to move on to bigger and better things in life.

Since it is nearly the last day of school, it’s important to think about future plans and goals. This is a step towards starting those new beginnings in life. Think about questions like, “How can I improve for next year?” or “What in the near future is exciting?”  Take the summer as a break to end burn out and you’ll be better focused later.

Despite your future plans, there are many other “lasts” that have been famously recorded in history. For instance, you might have heard of many unexpected, such as the last of the dinosaurs or the last episode of a popular show. While doing or seeing something for the last time might feel intimating and sad, it allows us to have more first times for new experiences and memories.

Read more about famous “lasts” in the Current Theme section to learn about the history and popular trends, and enjoy other lasts throughout this issue. Have a great summer and stay safe!

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